Datasolutions Invests £220K In Safetica Partnership

  • DataSolutions secures exclusive distribution agreement for data loss prevention company, Safetica, a solution that safeguards sensitive company data

  • Safetica provides a data loss prevention (DLP) solution to protect and monitor sensitive company data

  • Safetica’s DLP solutions takes just a day to install

  • The average cost of a data breach is £965K with two-thirds of SMBs failing within six months of experiencing a major security breach

Dublin, 14th February 2019 - DataSolutions, the specialist IT solutions distributor, today announces its exclusive UK and Ireland distribution agreement with Safetica, a leading provider of data loss prevention (DLP) software. The partnership with DataSolutions will strengthen the Czech-based software vendor’s presence in the UK and Irish markets, where there is an increasing demand for solutions aimed at protecting sensitive business data.

DataSolutions invested £220,000 to secure the exclusive distribution rights. This investment has gone towards bolstering its technology and sales team, providing technical training for staff and marketing the solution to its partners in the UK and Ireland.

Safetica provides a data loss prevention (DLP) solution with strong data auditing capabilities to help protect organisations from data breaches. Once they understand the flow of data through their company, they are able to protect it. Employees are alerted when they try to save, send or share data in an unsecure way, educating them about risky or careless behaviour. Managers are also alerted when there is an attempt to move valuable data in ways that are not secure, highlighting careless or reckless employee behaviour. Safetica’s DLP technology monitors sensitive data, making compliance with data protection obligations under GDPR much easier.

Organisations face both insider and outsider threats – with employees posing the biggest risk. As well as scams designed to encourage employees to reveal confidential information, data can also be lost through carelessness or intentional criminal behaviour.

The average cost of experiencing a data breach globally is on the rise – with breaches amounting to £965,000 on average for enterprises and £92,000 on average for SMBs [1]. Furthermore, almost two out of every three SMBs go out of business within six months of experiencing a major data breach. With increasingly severe consequences, Safetica’s dedicated DLP solution is solely focused on preventing a security breach or leakage of sensitive data – such as contracts, customer databases and personal employee information.

Developing security software solutions since 2009, Safetica works with global customers including Coca Cola Sabco, Telekom Malaysia and First Atlantic Bank.

Andrew Clark, UK Security Channel Director, DataSolutions, said: “As we approach the first anniversary of the introduction of GDPR and we start to see the first big fines to big companies being announced, it is still debatable whether many smaller organisations have got a handle on how to adequately handle and protect their data. Insider threats pose the biggest risk to businesses and Safetica’s DLP solution not only provides organisations with an overview of how its sensitive data flows through the system, but puts control of sensitive data back in management’s hands.”

“A key advantage of Safetica’s technology is how quick and easy it is to deploy, typically taking just a day, as opposed to the months that a traditional DLP solution can take to install. The cost and time frame of these projects put DLP implementation out of reach for many smaller and mid-size businesses in Ireland and the UK, so we are excited to offer an affordable and impactful solution which will make a real difference in the market.” 

Petr Zikes, CEO of Safetica Technologies, said: “DataSolutions is the perfect match for Safetica – an experienced value-added distributor who is able to build strong relationships with our mutual customers. While many vendors have tweaked their offering to cover off GDPR aspects, there is a clear demand in the UK and Irish markets for a specialist DLP solution built from the ground up. DataSolutions share our passion in delivering cutting-edge security solutions and outstanding customer support, and we are thrilled to take on this opportunity together.”

[1] - Kaspersky Lab Report: The Cost of a Data Breach Continues to Grow Worldwide, May 2018

About Safetica

Safetica Technologies is a Czech software company that provides data loss prevention solution to companies of all shapes and sizes. It safeguards data against both accidental leaks and intentional theft. Today Safetica protects data on over 170,000 devices in over 75 countries around the world. Safetica´s satisfied customers include companies such as Coca-Cola Sabco, Telekom Malaysia and First Atlantic Bank.

Safetica´s data protection solution has been recognized by Gartner. Safetica received Computer Weekly´s European User Award for Security as well as 5-star editor´s ratings from both CNET and SC Magazine.

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