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On September 26th 2019, we were delighted to welcome a room full of channel partners for an interactive session to learn all about our new partnership with Cyxtera Technologies and their product offerings at the iconic Shard, London.

Speaking to a standing room only audience of DataSolutions’ channel partners and managed service providers, Holland Barry, Cyxtera SVP, Threat Management and Analytics, first introduced Cyxtera’s impressive global credentials.  Encompassing 2.6 million square feet within 58 internationally dispersed data centres, Cyxtera can offer their “Co-location On-Demand” solutions almost anywhere in the world.

Another impressive figure is that they can offer an ultra-fast on-ramp to public cloud providers through their sub-3 millisecond latency connectivity to the likes of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Holland then went on to point out that while many organisation now have a “cloud first” approach to deploying IT projects, this does not mean all applications are going to public cloud.  In fact, he highlighted a recent IDC survey which found that 85% of those surveyed are bringing some applications back out of public cloud.  Of those, 80% are now being hosted in private clouds with benefits such as a need for increased security, higher performance, greater control and lower costs being cited.

Russell Cozart, Cyxtera’s Senior Director, Product Management, then took to the podium to get into more detail about their collaboration with Nutanix to create their “CXD On-demand Compute” offering.  This one-of-a-kind solution in the UK and Irish market offers Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure as-a-service to channel partners and MSP’s.  Utilising either Nutanix or HPE hardware nodes within one of Cyxtera’s local data centres, this allows partners to build solutions for their customers using Nutanix, the world’s leading HCI software, with a full OPEX model and no capital outlay whatsoever.  Utilising Cyxtera’s own intuitive provisioning technology, a partner can have a dedicated-to-them Nutanix cluster up and running with their hypervisor of choice and any number of high-speed network interconnects within an hour.

Russell then highlighted some common use cases and target customers for the solution such as those needing to deal with temporary or seasonal capacity demands, customers with stringent security and compliance requirements or those looking for predictable billing in an OPEX model.  Indeed, some of those partners in the room who already sold Nutanix or provided managed services identified opportunities to use the service to provide DR or HA facilities to their existing customers without any capital outlay on their part.

In general, the reaction from the channel partner audience was extremely positive and we look forward to working closely with them to identify further how they can create their own unique offerings with the Nutanix powered “CXD On-demand Compute” offering.

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Blog written by Francis O’Haire, Group Technology Director at DataSolutions

Katie-Anna Lynn