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Nutanix 2020 Partner Holiday Incentive

Register Your Nutanix Deal and Place Your Order with DataSolutions To Win Your 2020 Holiday!

DataSolutions is delighted to announce our Nutanix Ireland 2020 holiday incentive program. The incentive runs off the following points scheme and the top 3 reseller salespeople will receive a €2,000 travel voucher.

  • 1 Point for validated deal registration.

  • 2 Points for validated deal registration in a Most Wanted account (List of 98 target end users available from DataSolutions when you register).

  • 3 Points for a Nutanix/Partner joint meeting (where a validated deal registration has been placed).

  • 5 Points for deals closed through DataSolutions.

  • 10 Points for deals closed in a Most Wanted account through DataSolutions.

How Does This Incentive Work?

  • Promotion runs from 1st July, 2019 until 31st December, 2019.

  • Prize redeemable in vouchers only – no cash alternative.

  • Renewals are excluded from the promotion.

  • All existing validated opportunities prior to 1st July are excluded.

  • Partner must run a demand generation activity as part of this promotion.

  • Minimum order value of €20,000.

  • Winners will be announced February, 2020.

  • Partner must agree on a business plan with Nutanix and DataSolutions.

If you have any questions on this incentive, please contact