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Live Webinar: Locking Down the Deal with Safetica DLP

Your Customer's Data Is Their Most Important Asset. Keep It Safe with Safetica

Join DataSolutions on Wednesday, 20th March for our upcoming webinar to learn about our new partner Safetica, a cost-effective, easy-to-use data auditing and security solution that makes it easy to ensure complete data protection.

With over 80% of data leaks caused by human error, today’s businesses, now, more than ever, need a robust solution to prevent data leaks. A key advantage of Safetica’s technology is how quick and easy it is to deploy, typically taking just a day, as opposed to the months that a traditional DLP solution can take to install.

During the Webinar, We Will Cover:

  • An Introduction to Safetica

  • Where is the Opportunity?

  • Partner Program - The Benefits

  • Product Set - Choosing the Right Security Solution

  • Demo – The Best Bits!

  • Q&A

Register today to learn more about how reducing the risks from human failures (whether accidental or malicious) can help your customers to better focus key business activities!